What’s the deal with Cuil?

Everybody seems to want to talk about Cuil, the new search engine in town.  So here are my two cents.

Like most publishers, I started searching for some of my own sites, including my company site.  If you search for “XAdvance web” (searching for XAdvance alone seems to ignore the “X”), you get this in the results.  I have one question for Cuil — who is this woman?

I don’t know her.  She’s got nothing to do with XAdvance.  So what’s the deal? It might be interesting to learn how Cuil chooses these images. Also, the title and some of the content are several months old.

As I write this, I can see another publisher, Patrick O’Keefe is going through something similar.  He points to his blog (via Twitter) where his sites are also paired with irrelevant images.

Cuil, pronounced “cool”, surfaced yesterday with claims of an index larger than Google’s.  It’s been developed largely by former Google employees, along with some from IBM, eBay and others.

We’ll have to see what happens as the search engine takes shape–after all, it’s brand new.  But for the moment, I don’t see its format or results replacing Google anytime soon.

I wonder who will be the first to publish some new SEO practices for it.  It looks like there’s already enough spam on there.


  1. vinnie

    Yeah I got a few questions about this at work already. My response was “wait and see” since this is so new and quality seems like a crapshoot right now.

  2. Colin Temple Author

    Nice to get a response — at least they’re not faceless, yet. “Wait and see”, “work in progress” are all good thoughts, but I think Cuil will need to work on their marketing when they do start to work properly. It just seems like a lot of noise over nothing right now.

  3. Every Cuil review seems to come up with “Cool search but what the heck is up with the images?”. This really makes you wonder. I can understand if their search index might not be as good as Google’s or even with the snippets being a bit weird. But that nobody at Cuil noticed how bad the image algorithm is strikes me a bit odd. If it doesn’t work, why enabling it on the launch? It would have worked just fine without the strange images.


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