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Call of Duty devs using Twitter to get feedback

Being a bit of a gamer myself, it’s always interesting to see the gaming world touch on my professional world.  Here’s an example of the gaming industry getting social media right.

Game developer Infinity Ward, the company behind the immensely popular Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is calling on gamers to submit suggestions for its next title via Twitter.  In order to submit a suggestion for Call of Duty, Modern Warfare 2, or answer the current question posed by the dev team, just include the hash tag #MW2 in your tweet.

The company has launched a web app to compile the replies, which is now live at, and is already collecting huge amounts of feedback from the dev community.

This is a great thing for Infinity Ward in a number of ways.  For one, getting lots of feedback and identifying the trends is just going to make the game better, which is great for the company and its customers.  Additionally, it’s building better relationships with their target audience, and helping them ensure that its games remain in gamers’ minds between releases.  (Good call on this one @fourzerotwo!)

Twitter #MW2

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