Endmark is back!

In February 2008 I made my first public WordPress plugin, Endmark.  I told a few people about it, even.  Then I moved my blog here and Endmark sort of disappeared.  Today, it’s back.

Endmark is a simple little thing.  What it does is adds a little end-of-article symbol to all of your WordPress posts, similar to the symbols found at the end of magazine articles.

Now, for magazines the purpose of the symbol is really to show where the article ends, or rather that it ends and is not continued on another page.  On a blog, that’s more obvious anyways, so the purpose of it is cosmetic.  Still, I wanted it for one project, so I made this.

If that sounds like a nice addition to your blog’s style, then head over to the Endmark WordPress plugin page and give it a try.  Let me know if you notice any bugs or have any comments or requests.  I’ll do my best to keep it somewhat maintained.

By the way, you can see Endmark in action on this very blog.  For example, there’s an Endmark at the end of this line.


  1. Hey Colin,
    Thanks for the plugin, it was exactly what I was looking for for my wife’s site, namelymarly.com… For some reason, though, it’s only working on the home page and not the single.php pages. Any idea what might be going on or how I might troubleshoot?
    BTW, cool to see a fellow vegan web developer!

  2. Colin –
    This is a great little plugin. Simple, elegant, effective. Thanks so much for creating it and making it available. I spent way too many hours looking for a plugin like this. Took forever just to figure out what the right term is for that little image thing at the end of articles in some magazines. Right – an “Endmark”. Lovely plugin. It should be part of the WordPress extend at WordPress.org.


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