Marketing Strategy

Landing pages are of vital importance to any campaign with a web-based call to action. They’re the part of the process that answers the potential customers when they express interest in what you’re selling. You want to get them right.

I recently saw a commercial for a Canon PowerShot camera, advertising its new low-light photos feature. I was interested. I went to the URL shown at the end of the commercial.

It did not go well.
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Marketing Strategy

If you’re a Web marketer/designer/developer/enthusiast like me, A List Apart has a survey for you!  It’s fairly quick–it took me just a few minutes to complete.  They’re just a few questions about your skills, what your employers/clients expect, and how you price your work.  I’m looking forward to the results, but they’ll only be useful if enough people take it. Continue Reading

Blogging, Marketing Strategy, Social Media

Everyone’s really excited about Web 2.0. Still. That in itself isn’t a problem: there’s lots to be excited about. All this Web 2.0 stuff — social media, network building, picture posting, wiki writing, Twitter tweeting and all the other things bloggers do while high on AJAX — is making the Web into a much more collaborative, open and accessible medium. That was pretty much the point of the Web from the get-go, so kudos to them for the job well done. Continue Reading