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Blog Action Day is back

Last October, bloggers around the world were called to join together and raise awareness of a single topic on one day.  Blog Action Day saw thousands of blogs writing about a single socially relevant topic: the Environment.  I wrote on a few of my blogs, including Xbox Living, where I offered some tips on saving energy with the Xbox 360.

This year, Blog Action Day will focus on another global problem: poverty.  Bloggers from around the world are called to write a post about the issue and publish it on October 15 to raise awareness of global poverty and work together to help the problem.

I’ve just registered Work, Web, Play to participate this year, and I’ll be writing on my other blogs where I can.   It looks like I made it into the first 100 sites to register.  Be sure to get your blog registered on and join in the cause on October 15!

This year, it’d be great to see some more corporate blogs take part as well — social awareness is always a great trait to see from the corporate world.  This is a great opportunity to promote your business as a socially conscious, forward-thinking organization.


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