My name is Colin.

I have a nearly two-decade-long career in digital marketing technology, with experience working as a marketer, digital business analyst and as a software developer. I now head up the product organization at Babbage Systems, and I talk a little about what we built at Babbage over here.

I have a Master’s degree in Philosophy from the University of Western Ontario in Canada. I am interested in logic, philosophy of logic and philosophy of psychiatry.

I am also a fan of, and amateur contributor to, visual arts. I enjoy photography and video production, and dabble in both whenever I get the chance. I like mixing house music, but I listen to a wider range. I consume fiction mostly through film; when I read, it tends to be about philosophy, science, or their intersection.

I love to teach, whether that’s about my field of experience in industry or academically. As a father of two, there’s no shortage of opportunities to pass on knowledge, though it may be some time before either of them are keen to learn about philosophical logic.