My day job is as the Vice President of Product for Babbage Systems. Babbage was in the early 2010s and became a spin-off of the digital analytics agency Napkyn Analytics, which I worked at for years. As a digital analyst at Napkyn, I saw what I had experienced in digital marketing for years: plenty of data was available, but its quality was low and it was hard to organize into something that was useful.

I’m a lazy person, though, and so rather than sit contently while I waited for Excel plugins of the day to pull Google Analytics data, or spend hours upon hours compiling spreadsheets, I started making what would become our flagship product, Babbage Analysis Engine.

Years later, Analysis Engine is hard at work every day moving around reporting data on millions upon millions of dollars in digital marketing spending and revenue collection. Its core features revolve around Google Analytics 360, making it easier to integrate that software into large enterprises by connecting it to data warehouses, internal systems and third-party vendors in order to give all areas of the organization the context they need to understand how the digital channel impacts business, and how the rest of the business impacts the digital channel.